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  • Acid Engraved
  • Painting on glass
  • Fusing and Thermoformed
  • Sculpt in glass


“Work personally the decorative arts of glass allows us to solve the particularities of each project and meet the needs of each client at competitive prices”.


Engraved with acid

On colorless glass and coloured glass


Cardenalice shield etched to several exposures on colorless glass

Reproduction of the cardenalliciio shield in acid etching in four colors on colorless glass.

The Bishop’s Palace 

Detail of engraved glasses of the main staircase of the Pg. Pujades building.

Reproduction of glass etched on colorless glass from the original models.

Passeig Pujades

Modernist gallery with etched glass, seen from the Diagonal of Barcelona

Reproduction of the original drawings engraved with acid, several inks, in missing glasses.

Modernist estate

Reproducció de dibuixos originals gravats sobre vidres incolors de seguretat

Reproduction of the original drawings.

Casa Burés Barcelona

Main door with glass engraved with acid in four inks

Creation of tinted glass with three more colorless inks following the model of the original engraving drawn from a file photograph.

Domènec Fins House


Detail of the central engraving of the windows of the lobby of the Carme Barcelona building

Reproduction original ornamental drawing on colorless glass or colored glass for the broken or missing glasses.

Carme street building

Traditional stained glass window with Heraldic shield Casa Parrella

Restoration of the stained glass windows with reproduction of paintings on engraved glass for the missing elements.

Parrella House, Torelló

Vidre plaqué de color taronja gravat a l'àcid a tres tintes, reproducció del dibuix original

Reproduction of etchings on colored glass.

Modernist estate


Perspective image of the rosette of the church of Sant Francesc Assís de Badalona

Creation stained glass windows etched on double-lacquered blown glass of colors (colorless + opaline + color).

C. St. Francesc Assís



Detail of stained glass made with the techniques of etching and painting on glass

Contemporary stained glass window etched on blue-colored blown glass and painted on fire with grisailles and yellows of silver.

Private House, Cabrils



Painting on glass

Grisailles   I   Enamel   I   Silver stain


Traditional stained glass window with Heraldic shield Casa Parrella

Stained glass with reproduction of paintings in fragments missing.

Parrella house, Torelló


Detail of the restored stained glass of the shield of Andorra

Restoration and reproduction of paintings in missing glass fragments.

Ràdio Andorra. Stained glass

Patrimonio de Andorra

Interior Aula Magna with newly created stained-glass windows

Creation of leaded traditional stained glass windows with ornamental motifs painted with grisailles and yellows of silver on printed glass, and engraved engraved glasses.

Conciliar Seminar



Painting on glass of the face of San Francisco

Creation of enameled artistic stained-glass windows. Project by the artist J. Ricart Garriga.

St Cosme i St Damià.

El Prat de Llobregat

Painting on glass crucified Christ

Creation of the stained glass windows of the Baptistery, rich in religious iconography painting.

C. of M. Déu Remei 



Fusing and Thermoformed


View of the facade of the house with stained-glass windows

Creation of contemporary stained glass using the techniques of etching, painting on glass and thermoforming.

Private house


Gemma López and Xavier Grau together with the culture"Trocets de cel"of the artist.

Glasses fused and thermoformed by means of ceramic molds for sculpture Trocets de cel

de Gemma López


Vacío, 1998

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